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Spills, Meltdowns and Environmental Remediation: The ROI of Being Prepared when Litigation Strikes

Heidi Maher, Esq.

Heidi Maher, Esq.

Heidi Maher, Esq. Principal, eDiscovery and Compliance Legal Team Heidi Maher is an eDiscovery advisor in EMC’s Compliance & eDiscovery Practice where she leverages her legal experience along with EMC’s unique technology to help organizations address challenges related to ediscovery, compliance, and records management. By serving as a liaison between legal, IT, and other key business units, Ms. Maher helps organizations implement internal procedures and technology solutions that minimize the risk and expense associated with compliance and e-discovery. She has drafted discovery readiness plans for multinationals and advised corporations and law firms on privacy laws and best practices for international data transfers. Ms. Maher has conducted numerous CLE courses, webinars, workshops, industry conference presentations, as well authored articles on e-discovery and compliance in publications such as Digital Discovery & Electronic Evidence. She has been a member of Working Groups 1 and 6 of The Sedona Conference, a well-known e-discovery think tank, and was a project leader for the Electronic Discovery Model (EDRM). Ms. Maher is also a frequent contributor to EMC’s eDiscovery blog at Prior to EMC, Ms. Maher gained extensive litigation and technology experience as a legal consultant with RenewData Corp. where she helped educate lawyers and litigation professionals in corporations and law firms about technology and its role in litigation. Prior to that, she was a felony prosecutor, Assistant State Attorney General, and an attorney in private practice working on complex multi-million-dollar class-action and mass-tort litigation at the largest law firm in Austin, Texas. Ms. Maher received her J.D. from Baylor School of Law and her B.S. from the University of Texas at Austin. She is licensed to practice law in the Eastern and Western District Courts of Texas as well the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Recent Articles and Blogs: Categorizing eDiscovery: A Practical Framework for Managing Your Information Legal Hold Guidelines for every Legal Department RULE 502: Friend or Foe? Money, Greed, Bribery & Corruption: the Cost of International Business??? eDiscovery StraightTalk “Is Forensic Collection Mandatory for All Civil Litigation?” – Issue 7 Internal Investigations drive eDiscovery Activity eDiscovery StraightTalk with Heidi Maher, Esq. – Issue 2 The X-Files: Issues Surrounding Exotic Forms of Electronically Stored Information. - Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, Bureau of National Affairs (co-author) E‐Discovery From Across the Pond: Data Transfers from the European Union to the U.S. ‐ Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, Bureau of National Affairs (co-author)

[show_avatar align=left avatar_size=30]IQPC’s well organized and well attended eDiscovery for Oil and Gas Seminar is September 26-27 in Houston.  Thought leaders from, among others, Hess, Anadarko, BP, TransCanada and Valero, will be on hand to speak to the unique and not so unique eDiscovery challenges facing the Oil and Gas sector.  Recent record profits and catastrophic events have put the industry in the spotlight not just for lawsuits but also government investigations and regulatory oversight.

Organizations already have difficulties responding in a timely and cost efficient manner to eDiscovery requests.  The industry being inherently global in nature has the added challenge of determining how best to bring information back from certain countries. Many foreign countries, especially those in the European Union have blocking statutes and other privacy laws that prohibit the transfer of data to the United States. The topic I am speaking about is (more…)