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Does Technology Help You Keep Up With Your Workload?

Peter Hodge

Peter Hodge

As Oil & Gas Solutions Lead within EMC’s Engineering Solutions Group, Peter is responsible for the development of solutions that utilize EMC and our partners’ technologies to address the needs of the oil and gas market. Peter has been with EMC for 14 years in a variety of capacities, including Oil & Gas Industry Marketing. Peter had dreamed of making a career in seismology and earthquake prediction after earning a bachelors degree in geophysics, but was lured away by the Oil & Gas industry and spent several years at Mobil Oil as a geophysicist, Green Mountain Geophysics leading marketing and sales, then Digital Equipment Corporation in various marketing and partner management roles focused on oil and gas before finally landing at EMC. Peter is fascinated by the Oil & Gas industry and finds the technological advances he has witnessed over his career to be quite remarkable. Next to his family, Peter's passion is the outdoors, in all seasons, with emphasis on mountain climbing.
Peter Hodge

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[show_avatar align=left avatar_size=30]My cohorts and I are off to SEG next week to meet with customers, partners, friends and colleagues.  We will hear and tell lots of stories during our visits.  Whether at the conference, the exhibit floor, over lunch or drinks, when conversation turns to reminiscing about how it used to be for geoscientists, we will reflect on the amazing and exciting changes we have witnessed in our careers.  For the most part, life for a geoscientist is better. I remember my early days as a geophysicist and the time-consuming chores of working with paper sections, measuring travel times with a ruler, transferring times to paper and drawing a contour map.  Preparing for a prospect review meant the office was a busy place nights and weekends.

The explosion of computer technology has streamlined the process tremendously and allowed for orders of magnitude more data to be interpreted and analyzed in far less time.  Yet, despite the exhilarating changes technology has provided, (more…)

EMC Isilon PetroVault: Your Next Big Data Reservoir

Larry Kaufman

Larry Kaufman

Larry Kaufman, Chief Industry Architect for EMC’s Global Energy Program, is responsible for developing and delivering complex, integrated solutions based on EMC and partner technologies that solve challenging business problems and workflows within the Oil and Gas Industry. Larry began his career in Oil and Gas as an open-hole wireline engineer. Larry also spent 16 years with Landmark Graphics and Halliburton in various sales, technology development and management roles as Landmark grew from 60 employees to over 2000 before being acquired by Halliburton. Larry has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and has over 24 years of experience developing and deploying information technology solutions serving the upstream oil and gas industry. Outside of work Larry enjoys wood working and spending time at the lake with family and friends.

[show_avatar align=left avatar_size=30]“I don’t care if the storage is full. I need my interpretation projects to stay online…..forever.”

I am sure that IT managers and data administrators managing upstream oil and gas interpretation environments hear this all the time from Geoscientists. The folklore that drives this attitude from the geoscientists says that many have had bad experiences with getting data back once it has been moved off primary storage to tape. Either it takes too long to get the data restored from tape, if the tape can be found, or the full “project” structure of the data might have been compromised in the standard file system type backup to tape and intellectual property has been lost.

From the IT management side the typical conundrum is, “My storage is full, again. My budget has been cut. Do I really need to buy more? If so, how much?”

The reality of the situation is that (more…)