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Minimizing risk with a sound Records Management strategy

Gonzalo Merchan

Gonzalo Merchan

Gonzalo Merchan, IIG Director for the Energy sector, is based in California, United States. Gonzalo brings over 25 years experience in the Software Enterprise solutions arena including 10 years with EMC Documentum, 5 years with BEA, and over 15 years at senior level positions at IBM and Fluor. As part of the IIG Solutions Strategy Group, Gonzalo is responsible for driving the EMC IIG solution strategy in the energy vertical, focusing primarily in bringing industry solutions to market. Gonzalo also covers the EMC Energy Partner ecosystem and the complementary solutions they bring to market, use cases with major energy companies globally, and key initiatives such as Advisory Councils. Gonzalo has two sons and two grand kids living in the Southern California area. Gonzalo enjoys time with family and travel to locations with sun, sand, and especially with good food.

[show_avatar align=left avatar_size=30]When I was first asked to write for EMC Energy, it didn’t take me too long to figure out what I wanted to author. Of all the topics related to enterprise content management (ECM), the first thing that came to mind was what seems to be a hot topic these days in the energy sector: records management.

Due in part to recent catastrophic events, the Energy sector, Oil & Gas and Utilities, is facing unprecedented scrutiny and a major increases in the scope and number of regulations in the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) areas.  These new regulations will affect how companies manage the content across their entire value chain. An additional complexity that Energy companies must deal with is (more…)